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Balancing Summer: Nutrition and Socializing

I love summer… My social calendar is already starting to fill up with several parties and celebrations to look forward to. Balancing summer social events can be a bit challenging. There is lots of planning how to get beach body ready. At the core, it’s all about discipline, focus and maintaining good habits. So when summer rolls around, we need to stay beach body ready.

There are so many wonderful summer treats that tempt the taste buds. Come summertime we’re faced with the conflict between really enjoying our social life and getting the healthy nutritional diet needed. Socializing is great for the body and mind, but if you lack discipline you may find the weight slip on unintentionally. 

I work hard all year to maintain a toned body and I’m mindful about my exercise routine and food choices. I want to look and feel good when I visit the beautiful local beaches. So in the lead-up, I really focus on how to get beach body ready, and then how do you stay beach body ready. It is really important to me. 

Although many of us become more active during the summer months, it’s not always enough to counteract the extra food and beverage consumption. Balancing summer starts with a well laid out plan. Just as you plan your social calendar, you can just as easily prepare an exercise routine and meal plan. Keeping a schedule will help with this. Maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Having healthy habits will keep you feeling good and ensure that your clothes are comfortable all season. After all, that’s what you have worked so hard for at the gym leading into the warmer months. Maintaining a healthy diet is paramount to not only feeling good but looking great as well. Take advantages of the wonderful, fresh summer produce found at your local Farmers Markets. The rainbow varieties of fruits and vegetables available have lots of nutritional benefits like antioxidants and they are high in fibre.

Doctor Izzy - Balancing SummerEating small meals regularly will help manage your blood sugar levels, reducing your cravings for cheeky sweet treats. Having healthy snacks like fruit and nuts between meals works your metabolism. Make sure that you drink plenty of water to help flush out all the excess toxins. 

Having a light meal or some fruit before heading out to a party will reduce your desire overeat at the next event. Always strive to make healthy food choices when dining out. However, try not to be too strict on yourself as you’re entitled to have a bit of fun. Everything in moderation is usually the best policy.


Doctor Izzy - Balancing SummerWhen consuming alcoholic beverages, you need to drink responsibly. Alcoholic beverages are loaded full of empty calories, especially if you’re choosing to cocktail drink mixers with soft drinks. I love alcoholic cocktails just as much as the next person. Unfortunately, there are a number of alcoholic cocktails which are high in sugars. I would recommend choosing some of the low-calorie cocktail options like the Mojito, Gin and Tonic or a Champagne cocktail. Bartenders are really knowledgeable about these sort of things. If you want something specific, just ask for the low-calorie options and they’re more than happy to help.

Often drinks are topped up as the waiting staff come around with a bottle of wine. Keeping track of your drinks will ensure that you know what you’ve consumed and guarantees a good night all around. Alternating your drinks with a non-alcoholic drinks reduce the chances of losing track of things as well.

Balancing Summer Barbecues

Aren’t summer barbecues are the best? Often there are traps to be mindful of when attending a barbecue. Deep fried potato chips and cheeses should be kept to a minimum. You don’t need to sacrifice everything, just choose to have smaller quantities. Salad dressings and condiments are packed full of empty calories. If possible put the salad dressings and condiments on the side instead of poring them all over your food.

Doctor Izzy - Balancing Summer

Balancing summer is all about making good choices and practising healthy habits. Just as you would focus on how to get beach body ready, similar principles apply when maintaining a beach body ready. Quality is always better than quantity and it applies to both food and exercise.

Workout first thing in the morning so that you don’t have any excuses as the day progresses. Maintain a healthy diet during the weekdays so that you can reward your efforts and join in the fun with your friends on the weekends. Your efforts will be worthwhile in the long run. And if you fall off the wagon, be kind to yourself, tomorrow is another day. Have a great summer.

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